HITEC BAG - Main Section

HITEC BAG - Main Component

Hitec Bags are the basic component of this new system for cost effective storage of animal feed. Oxygen depletion in the airtight environment of the bag creates optimal fermentation conditions allowing better preservation of the feed’s nutrient value.

Fermentation achieved in an airtight environment leads to 100% efficient conversion of sugars to lactic acid which acts as a preservative and mold inhibitor.

This results in well-preserved, high-quality silage that resists mold and does not freeze. Bags are the only system that completely seals the silage, preserves the Dry Matter (D.M.) and reduces energy losses, resulting in optimal quality feed.

That translates to more digestible nutrients for healthy, high producing cattle.

Using Hitec Bag for silage storage offers the following benefits compared to other methods (bunkers, pits):

  • Low Capital investment
  • Low annual storage cost
  • Flexibility on the farm
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Separation of quality of forage allowing more efficient use
  • Consistent and uniform compaction
  • No contamination from tractor usage
  • Exceptional quality silage
  • Minimal spoilage losses
  • Small feed-out face
  • Easy feed quantity calculation
  • Fewer health and safety hazards
  • No leachate seepage – environmentally friendly

Silage should be bagged at moisture levels between 60 and 70%.

The levels may vary depending on the kind of crop and how thin it is chopped.


Hitec Bag Capacity in tons of silage at 65% moisture (approximate)
 Diameter Length   
200' / 60m 250' / 75m 300' / 90m 500' / 150m
8' 200 250 300  
9' 240 300 340  
10' 300 375 450  
12' 400 500 600 1000
14'     800 1375

The Ground Footprint is the total length of the curve that the bag forms over the ground from side to side and it is used by some users to assess the filling uniformity. The data below is indicative and will vary depending on the bagging machine used, the material bagged and the packing pressure

Bag DiameterGround Footprint
8' 19’5” / 592cm
9' 20’5” / 635cm
10' 21’5” / 653cm
12' 26’5” / 805cm
14' 29’5” / 897cm

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