HITEC BAG - Main Section

HITEC BAG - Main Component

Hitec Bags are an excellent solution for storing grains (Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Maize, Soybean, Rice, Oats, Rye, Legumes, etc) that is increasingly popular all over the world.

The grain can be loaded in the bag directly from the harvester or from a truck and be stored safely for up to 2 years.

The Hitec Bag creates a hermetic environment that promotes oxygen depletion and simultaneous carbon dioxide production as a result of the respiratory process of the biotic components inside the bag (grain, fungi, insects, etc). The new atmosphere, rich in CO2 and poor in O2, suppresses, deactivates, or reduces not only the reproduction and/or development capacity of insects and fungi but also the grain’s own activity thus facilitating its preservation.


Using Hitec Bag for grain storage offers the following benefits compared to traditional storage methods (commercial silos/elevators, on-farm grain bins):

  • Lower initial investment (in machinery, not structures), no tied-up capital
  • Bags represent the actual harvest cost, further investment (i.e. grain bins) is not needed
  • Faster, uninterrupted harvest independent from weather conditions, transportation availability and elevator bottlenecks
  • Unlimited on-site storage, flexible capacity depending on yield – storage is now a variable cost
  • Savings on freight to collection point
  • Flexibility in storage and marketing of the grain
  • Control over price and market fluctuations
  • Higher grain quality and smaller losses due to spoilage
  • Quality and variety separation

Grain should be ideally bagged at moisture levels of 12-14% and not higher than 16%.

The levels may vary slightly depending on the kind of grain.


Hitec Bag capacity in tons of grain (approximate)
200' / 60m 250' / 75m 300' / 90m
9' 200 250 320
10' 250 310 380
Hitec Bag capacity in bushels of wheat (approximate)   
200' 250' 300'
9' 7,700 9,700 11,700
10' 10,300 13,000 15,500

The Ground Footprint is the total length of the curve that the bag forms over the ground from side to side and it is used by some users to assess the filling uniformity. The data below is indicative and will vary depending on the bagging machine used, the material bagged and the packing pressure

Bag DiameterGround Footprint
8' 19’5” / 592cm
9' 20’5” / 635cm
10' 21’5” / 653cm
12' 26’5” / 805cm
14' 29’5” / 897cm

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